About the Author

Asimov Arifov is about to publish a rigorously researched book on the Sino-American geopolitical contest in the Hindu Kush.

He is a researcher and is based in Toronto, Canada. Before, he was a researcher with the Science Po – the French institute of political studies, in Toulouse, where his research project centered on the strategic use of Himalaya’s irrigable waters. Later, Asimov’s core research interests further crystallized around the critical subjects of geopolitics & diplomacy. His research makes use of the triangular approaches to international diplomacy, and in a broader frame of analysis, endeavors to unearth the connections as well as fault lines of the fluid geopolitical templates of Central Asia, South Asia and the Middle East.

Asimov has attended numerous international conferences & seminars in Asia, Europe and North America on global strategic issues. He has been to the United Nations, in Geneva, as the delegate of the Institute of Political Studies, Toulouse. At the UN, he had the opportunity to acquaint with the international norms and had the occasions to participate in enriching discussions with the related officials. He also holds extensive teaching experience at post-graduate level.


Triangular Approaches to International Diplomacy.
NATO’s engagement in Central Asia.
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization, (SCO)
Chinese & Russian regional politics around Afghanistan.
China-South Asia Relations.
US Strategic thinking for Central Asia & South Asia.
Iran & Saudi Arabia in regions of Central Asia & South Asia.
Geopolitics of Circumpolar States in the Arctic Region.

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